July 28, 2009

Lesson 8: Download Chess Opening Puzzle eBook | Free Chess PDF eBook with Cross-Reference Navigation

[*See: Chess Openings for Beginners - All Lessons]

Download this free chess pdf ebook to learn at home how to visually recognize 32 main chess openings. The name of the ebook is "Chess Openings Puzzles". Within the ebook, all chess opening puzzles are divided into 3 main groups: Open Game Chess Opening Puzzles, Semi-Open Game Chess Opening Puzzles, and Closed Game Chess Opening Puzzles. The puzzle answers enclosed, 32 chess opening puzzles in total.

The chess pdf ebook covers the following chess openings: King's Gambit; Bishop's Opening; Latvian Gambit; Vienna Game; Center Game; Philidor Defense; Petrov Defense; Ruy Lopez; Italian Game; Scotch Game; Two Knights Defense; Four Knights Game; Caro-Kann Defense; French Defense; Sicilian Defense; Alekhine's Defense; Scandinavian Defense; Pirc Defense (Ufimtsev Defense or Yugoslav Defense);

Queen's Gambit; Queen's Gambit Accepted; Queen's Gambit Declined or Ortodox Defense; Queen's Gambit Declined, Albin Countergambit; Queen's Gambit Declined, Chigorin Defense; Queen's Gambit Declined, Slav Defense; Indian Defenses; Grunfeld Defense; Nimzo-Indian Defense; Dutch Defense; Budapest Gambit; English Opening; Reti Opening; Bird's Opening.

For your comfort, you are recommended to use the ebook's internal cross-reference navigation. To download this chess pdf ebook on chess opening puzzles, click the below link:
Chess Openings Puzzles (128 KB)