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Thank you very much for visiting and welcome to! This chess opening website is designed for beginners and intermediate chess players for helping learn chess openings by text, video, big pictures, small images, PDF ebooks and PGN files. On-site, you will find 44 chess opening lessons on the following topics:

Lessons 1-21. Chess Openings General Information (Theory).
Lessons 22-38. Learn Open Game Chess Openings 1.e4 e5 (One by One).
Lessons 39-44. Learn Semi-Open Game Chess Openings 1.e4 other than e5.
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Latest Chess Opening Information

Chess Opening Test

Hungarian Defense chess opening
Test: What is the name of the above chess opening?
You can find the answer to the chess opening test at the bottom, and below is more information about this chess opening website.

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This chess opening website is almost unknown on the web and has only few inbound links... To find on Google, you can use the following keywords: chess openings beginners blogspot.

III. Content of This Chess Opening Website will give you much information on playing chess openings. On this website, you can learn chess openings using the provided text, pictures, videos, PDF files and PGN files. Please be advised that using PGN files is effective way to learn chess openings by yourself.

PGN files are special files created for chess players. The files contain recorded chess games with included ECO codes by which you can easily recognize a specific chess opening. The PGN file can be opened with a special PGN viewer program in order to replay and visually see the recorded chess games in the file.

The new PGN file can be easily created by the Windows Notepad. The existing PGN file can be easily edited by the same Windows Notepad... This site will provide you with many PGN files on specific chess openings and their variations. This site will provide you with valuable information where to download on

a weekly basis the latest PGN files with the games of chess masters (see Lesson 19). This site will provide you with valuable information where to download a decent PGN viewer program for Windows to open and read PGN files (see Lesson 16). This site will provide you with PDF ebooks to learn chess openings

(For example, see Lesson 8)... This website will help you learn the following chess openings: the Sicilian Defense (Lesson 42), the French Defense (Lesson 41), the Caro-Kann Defense (Lesson 40), the Ruy Lopez (Lesson 38), the Four Knights Game (Lesson 37), the Two Knights Defense (Lesson 36),

The Hungarian Defense (Lesson 35), the Evans Gambit (Lesson 34), the Italian Game (Lesson 33), the Scotch Gambit (Lesson 32), the Scotch Game (Lesson 31), the Ponziani Opening (Lesson 30), the Petroff Defense (Lesson 29), the Philidor Defense (Lesson 28), the Vienna Game (Lesson 27),

The Danish Gambit (Lesson 26), the Center Game (Lesson 25), the Latvian Gambit (Lesson 24), the King's Gambit (Lesson 23), the Bishop's Opening (Lesson 22)... This website will provide you with the list of chess openings ECO codes, with tips and rules how to correctly play and learn chess openings.

You will also see some chess opening traps, chess opening strategies, opening classification, useful advices how to play chess openings, rules and tips, and more... This website is designed for chess beginners, and it will provide you with initial but essential knowledge on chess openings to learn and know...

Chess Openings - See All Lessons

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Answer to Chess Opening Test

Answer: The Hungarian Defense
Type: Open game chess opening
Moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Be7
ECO code: C50