October 30, 2009

Philidor Defense: Trap 2 - Learn

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Philidor Defense: Trap 2 - Learn. This chess video will show you Trap 2, which begins from the Philidor Defense opening. Please remember: If you want to play Philidor Defense for Black, be sure to have learned the Philidor Defense traps. Read more on Trap 2 next...

The game starts as Philidor Defense. Then it transposes into another chess opening... Inside the video, pay close attention to and be sure to learn this typical position. If Black makes a looked-to-be "strong move", he will be trapped. The combination is called the Legal's Mate...

Learn Trap 2 to know how to use and avoid the trap... The best White answer for Philidor Defense is 3.d4... Please be aware of the 3.Bc4 line (second line) in Philidor Defense. To see and learn this video Philidor Defense: Trap 2 - Learn, just click the Play button below:

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