August 9, 2009

Download PGN Viewer Program | To Learn Effectively

[*See: Chess Openings for Beginners - All Lessons]

If you already have a PGN Viewer Program or similar, please skip this lesson... If not, please keep reading...

To learn effectively chess openings, you should have a PGN Viewer Program. On this lesson, you will be given information on PGN files and a PGN Viewer Program (freeware). You will be provided with the sample PGN file Bishop-opening-sample.pgn and will be informed how to download the program in question.


Each file on your computer must be open and read by a specific program. For example, you must have:
- MS Notepad or similar program to read .TXT files;
- MS Word or similar program to read .DOC files;
- MS Paint or similar program to read .BMP files;
- Adobe Acrobat Reader program or similar to read .PDF files, etc.

There are special .PGN files which are designed for chess players. The .PGN files can be open and read by special PGN Viewer Programs. If you open a .PGN file by a PGN Viewer Program, you may:
- visually see and replay chess games;
- read game comments, see ECO codes of chess openings;
- create your own chess games database, and much more...

From this site, you will be provided with special chess openings .PGN files to learn openings more effectively. Today you can download special .PGN file to learn how to play the main variations of Bishop's Opening.

Step 1: Download the Bishop-opening-sample.pgn File

This file contains information about Bishop's Opening, its Variations and their Names, how to play, and more. When you open the file with a PGN Viewer Program, you will see the designated moves for all Variations of Bishop's Opening and the following data on Bishop Openings:

- general description of Bishop's Opening;
- Bishop's Opening ECO codes and main variations;
- winning probability for White and Black;
- how popular Bishop's Opening is at the chess master level today;
- how to play the main variations.

First you should download the Bishop-opening-sample.pgn file. It is only 7 KB. Then you should download the PGN Viewer Program which is described below. After, install the program, open the file, and see information on Bishop's Opening, main variations, how to play, and learn how to use the program.

To download the Bishop-opening-sample.pgn file, click the following link:
Download the Bishop-opening-sample.pgn File (7 KB)

Step 2: Download the PGN Viewer ChessPad Version 2.0

To download ChessPad Version 2.0 (a decent freeware PGN Viewer Program), visit Chess Links Directory, Chess Program Category at Then find and click Link 4: ChessPad - PGN Viewer:

Find Link 4 to Download ChessPad - PGN Viewer


Download the Bishop-opening-sample.pgn file and freeware ChessPad Version 2.0. Use the file to learn how to use the program. Learning chess games within .pgn files may be powerful method of learning chess openings too. You can find the .pgn files in the Internet...

In short, the following is how to use ChessPad PGN Viewer. If you install the program correctly, you can click any .PGN file, and the program automatically open the file. You can also open the program first and then using the program's Database Menu open the .PGN file.

When you open the .PGN file, you will see the program's 2 Panels: Information Panel and Chess Board Panel. Click any line in the Information Panel first to see a game or chess position. Then within the Chess Board Panel, click and keep clicking the Next Move button ">>" to play the game or chess position...

If you are serious about learning chess opening, you should have a PGN Viewer Program, and this site will provide you with the PGN opening files. On the next lesson, we will be learning what are the ECO codes of the chess openings... And thank you for your time!