August 5, 2009

Opening May Appear by Different Move Order...

[*See: Chess Openings for Beginners - All Lessons]

Lesson 14 is chess video which explains you the following... Each chess opening has its own initial position and the designated move order. But sometimes chess opening may appear by different move order. In this case, it may be difficult to recognize the opening because the initial position of the chess opening may change as well. You will see an example with Grundfeld Defense...

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For now you know 3 Main Chess Opening Strategies, the initial positions of 32 main chess openings and designated move orders. Until you learn the main chess opening variations, you must know the advices how to play chess openings. Also, you are recommended to have one useful program (at least freeware) to learn chess openings effectively... Our next lesson will cover the following topic: Advices for chess beginners how to play chess openings...

For now, you can already download the first chess pdf ebook "Chess Openings Puzzles" (128 KB). This ebook will help you quickly recognize the initial position of 32 main chess openings and their designated move orders. To download this pdf ebook, please go to Lesson 8 | Download Chess Openings Puzzles eBook.

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