August 29, 2009

Chess Opening Traps

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In a lesson, and we will go directly to learning the main variations of the main chess openings. Step by step, you will be given the main variations, their names, designated moves, and initial positions. Each main chess opening will be given by displaying 1 to 4 best play lines for White and Black. Each main chess opening will be explained by its main ideas, features, and statistics...

But before this, you are highly recommended to see today 2 short chess videos on chess opening traps. Frankly, there are many traps and opening mistakes to see and learn. Fortunately, many of opening traps and mistakes are not so often to happen. But these 2 videos must be "see-them-first" for any chess beginner. They will display you the Scholar's Mate, and Legal's Mate...

Scholar's Mate is the most common opening trap chess beginners fall into. Just 4 moves... If you don't know it, learn it first. In the video, you will see the best defense against Scholar's Mate... As for Legal's Mate, it's 7 moves. If you don't know it, you might not even understand how Black was trapped. Legal's Mate is not so common, but learn it as well before being trapped in real...

To see 2 chess videos on chess opening traps, click the following links which will open in a new browser's window (so you can close the new window after seeing and go back to this page):

Chess Opening Trap: Scholar's Mate
Chess Opening Trap: Legal's Mate

See more chess opening traps by clicking the next links:

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Petroff Defense: Learn This Trap

Note: More links on chess opening traps to follow.

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