June 6, 2010

Ruy Lopez: The Answering Statistics

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Designed for chess beginners, this is post number 2 on the Ruy Lopez chess opening which includes Video 2 under the name "Ruy Lopez: The Answering Statistics". Find Video 2 on this page below. To see all material on the Ruy Lopez, click the "Ruy Lopez - Main Page" link at the top...

Today we will discuss the answering statistics on the Ruy Lopez chess opening. Learn these statistics in order to know which lines of the Ruy Lopez are the most common today. The Ruy Lopez starts with the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5. Then, Black can answer:

3... a6, or 3... Nf6, or 3... d6, or 3... Bc5, or 3... f5, or 3... Nge7, or 3... Nd4, or 3... g6, or 3... f6, or 3... Be7, or 3... Na5, , or 3... g5, or 3... Qe7. But do you know how often Black answers, to say, 3... a6, 3... Nf6, 3... g6, or 3... Nge7? The Ruy Lopez answers popular in 1900 may be not popular today...

Video 2 "Ruy Lopez: The Answering Statistics" is below, and it will show you which 3 Black answering moves to the Ruy Lopez are being played today in 90% of the games. To see the video on the Ruy Lopez on the topic, just click the Play button below:

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