July 10, 2009

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About This Chess Blog: Read the below information to better understand the purpose and design of chess-openings-for-beginners.blogspot.com. See latest posts at Site Feed.

Learning Chess Openings is one of the most difficult topic in chess. Especially, this topic is difficult for the chess beginner. From the other hand, knowing chess openings is very important for saving your play time and getting a positive result in the chess game...

Site Concept
• To cover only one topic - Chess Openings for Beginners.
• To provide mainly free educational materials including PGN files.
• To provide PDF ebooks to learn Chess Openings at home.
• To provide Chess Openings videos to learn at site.
• To provide simple, essential, and effective stuff.
• To have the Sitemaps for quick site navigation.

Site Support Team
The site is supported by the ChessElo Team which also runs:

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